Dive Sipadan

Mabul Homestay & Scuba Diving



*Sipadan Dive (2 Sipadan dives)   RM 280/pax
Mabul Dive(Mabul/Kapalai)  RM 220/pax
Si-Amil Dive(2 Si-Amil dives)
 RM 300/pax
Night Dive( Mabul Boat dive)  RM 80/pax
Sunset Dive( Mabul Boat dive)  RM 80/pax
* Sipadan Dive price exclude RM 40 park fee.Full dive equipment rental for divers is RM80/day.For loose items,please refer to Equipment rental table.


Sipadan + Park Fee
  RM 140/pax
Mabul beach dive
Mabul (Boat Ride)
 RM 25/pax


Our fishing group will guide to fish bowl area .Including in this package is:-

  • Baits
  • Fishing Line(for deep sea only)
  • Boat will be of Jongkong type

Guests/anglers who wish to bring back their catch of the day can do so provided all the preparations must be made by the guests.No overnight freezer will be provided. 

Deep Sea
 RM 680/boat
 7 am to 4 pm
 Mabul Area
 RM 420/boat  7 am to 4 pm
 Night Fishing
 RM 420/boat
 6 pm to 12 pm

 ♦Equipment Rentals 

 Equipment  Rental/Day
 BCD  RM 25
 Regulator  RM 25
 Mask  RM 10
 Snorkel  RM  5
 Wetsuit  RM 25
 Booties/Fins  RM 20
 Dive Computer
 RM 80
 Underwater Digital Camera
 RM 100
 Dive torch with batteries
 RM 30

♦Underwater Video Service

 As much as Scuba Divers and Snorkelers love to see the creatures of the sea, as more grows the urge for many of us to capture these beautiful animals and their behavior on video(DVD).Therefore,we provide this service on request basis.Prices differs accordingly to numbers of people in a group.Do inform us in advance(at least one day earlier) so that we can arrange with the underwater video dive team.

♦Internet Service 

We provides internet service at minimum rate and provides rental notebook usage for image downloadings.

Cavern Dive(Turtle Tomb Sipadan)

Check out with our Cavern Instructor and our Dive Master who has hundreds of logged cavern dive in turtle tomb Sipadan for that experience you will never forget.(Check out in the Underwater Video)


Our Homestay houses

  • 6 Twin Sharing Rooms (Single bed)
  • Dining Area
  • Dive Centre with all Diving facilities
  • Sundeck


 Twin Sharing room
 Dining Area
 Dive Centre
 6 Rooms

Accomodation Price

 Divers  RM 70/Night
 Non Divers
 RM 170 + RM 70 subsequent night


All prices above is ex-Mabul Island.However,we do provide arrangements for pick up from Tawau Airport and boat ride from Semporna to Mabul Island.

 Tawau Airport to Semporna
 Taxi  2 to 4 pax
 RM 120/one way
 Tawau Airport to Semporna  Van  5 to 8 pax
 RM 500/To and Fro
 Semporna to Mabul Island(Homestay) Boat

 RM 60/pax/one way

 Boat Departure Schedules

   1st Boat
 2nd Boat
 Semporna to Mabul Island
 9.00 am
 1.00 pm
 Mabul Island to Semporna
 8.00 am
 2.00 pm

 For reservations ,e-mail to Reservations@spheredivers.com or go to Contact Us